Happy Father’s Day: My Favorite Movie and Television Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this!

Last year on Mother’s Day, I did a post listing my favorite movie and television moms, so this year I thought I would do the same with dads.

As with the moms on my list, I tried to chose dads that had some of the same special qualities as my late father who was the best dad anyone could ever ask for!

Instead of pictures this time, I’ve included links to some relevant YouTube videos for a few of these wonderful dads!


My Favorite Movie and Television Dads (in no particular order):

  • Judge James K. Hardy from the Andy Hardy series of movies – played by Lewis Stone – Judge Hardy was a bit like my own dad in that he was stern when he needed to be but was really a softy at heart. One of my fondest memories I have of my dad is when he used to ground us and then 20 minutes later un-ground us and apologize for yelling at us. :-)
  • George Bailey from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) – played by Jimmy Stewart – Of course I had to include my favorite actor on this list. :-) Even through his fear and despair, you can see the love George Bailey has for his children in this touching scene from the movie. Continue reading →

Classic Movie Actors from Wisconsin, Will Your State Be Next?

Do you have any “rituals” that you like to do before or after you watch an old movie? One of the first things I like to do after watching an old movie is go to imdb.com (Internet Movie Database) and look up information about the actors and actresses that appeared in the movie.  For some reason I am fascinated by finding out things like when they were born, when and how old they were when they died (or if they are still alive, which always makes me happy to see), how they died, and how many times they were married.

One thing that has really been standing out to me lately is that several well known classic movie stars were either born in my home state of Wisconsin or had a very close association with the state at one time.  I know that may not mean much to anyone that doesn’t live here, but I guess it just stuck out to me because when I think of glamorous movies stars, being from Wisconsin is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind. :-) No offense to the wonderful state that I love.

Following is a list of a few of the actors and actresses that were born in Wisconsin along with a few interesting facts about them:

Orson Welles

Born:  May 16, 1915 in Kenosha, WI

Died:  October 10, 1985 (aged 70)

Was married three times including once to the beautiful actress Rita Hayworth, with whom he starred in the movie The Lady from Shanghai

Known for the Movies: Citizen Kane, The Lady from Shanghai, The Third Man, Touch of Evil Continue reading →