Harlow in Hollywood: Inside the Life of a Blonde Bombshell

If you are a lover of classic movies, I don’t think you can ever go wrong reading a biography of a classic film star, even if you’re not that person’s biggest fan. Well, that’s provided the author isn’t trying to sensationalize or trivialize the person’s life in any way. In that case, I’d definitely advise you to steer clear. However, if you can be relatively certain that the author’s intentions are noble, then I think there are many great reasons to read classic movie star biographies.

Back in March when I participated in a Jean Harlow blogathon, I found out that a book about Jean Harlow was about to be published. I discovered that the book, “Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital, 1928-1937”, was a beautifully illustrated biography of the star being released to coincide with the 100th anniversary of her birth as well as the start of an exhibit of Jean Harlow memorabilia at The Hollywood Museum in California. Continue reading →

Year of the Centenary: Classic Movie Actors from Missouri

In honor of Jean Harlow’s 100th birthday, which was celebrated by her many fans earlier this month, this week’s actors by state post features classic movies actors from Missouri, Jean’s home state.  Coincidentally, a few of the other stars on this list were also born in the same year as Jean, so there are more centennial birthday celebrations to come in 2011.

Jean Harlow

Born:  March 3, 1911 in Kansas City, MO

Died:  June 7, 1937 (age 26)

Married three times

Known for the Movies: Hell’s Angels, Platinum Blonde, Red Dust, Bombshell, Libeled Lady

My Favorite Jean Harlow Movie:  Platinum Blonde

Interesting Facts About Jean Harlow:

  • In May 1937, she became the first actress to appear on the cover of Life Magazine.
  • She was the godmother of famous mobster Bugsy Siegel’s daughter Millicent.
  • She was one of the inspirations for Batman creator Bob Kane’s character of Catwoman. Continue reading →

The Jean Harlow Blogathon: A Tribute to Jean’s Life

This post is my contribution to the Jean Harlow Blogathon, which is taking place on the wonderful blog, The Kitty Packard Pictorial in honor of Jean’s centenary. I encourage you to visit her blog here and read all of the tributes to Jean’s life and work.

Also, please be sure to pick up a copy of the new illustrated biography of Jean Harlow by Darrell Rooney and Mark A. Vieira, Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital, 1928-1937.

My Tribute to Jean Harlow

I had watched and enjoyed several of Jean Harlow’s movies before but didn’t really know much about her as a person other than the fact that she had died at a very young age. She would have celebrated her 100th birthday this past Thursday, March 3, and as I read the many tributes that were written about her this week, I was struck by how loved she was by just about everyone who worked with her.

“A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Although she was never motivated by stardom or fame, if Emerson’s quote was being applied to movie stars, it seems that Jean Harlow could be considered one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The kind words that have been spoken of her over the years by her many friends speak to what a wonderful person she was. Continue reading →