Frankly My Dear: Rianna’s Classic Movie Survey

I’m not usually one to hate Mondays like so many people seem to do, but somehow I got up on the wrong side of the bed today, and I just haven’t been able to right myself. It’s just been one of those days! :-( So tonight I wanted to do something fun and light-hearted and thankfully Rianna from the blog Frankly My Dear had just the thing for me, her classic movie survey. Thanks Rianna! :-)

I love doing surveys, because they give me a chance to reflect back on all the movies I’ve watched and enjoyed over the years, and they require me to do a little bit of research, which I love to do! So here are my answers:

1. Favorite Classic Disney?

Pinocchio (1940) – Even though I do love the movie, this choice actually has as much to do with my lifelong love of Jiminy Cricket as it does the story itself. :-) I can’t explain it, I’ve just loved him since I was a little girl. I also love the song from the movie, “When You Wish Upon a Star” which won the Academy Award for best song in 1940. One of my most prized possessions from childhood was a Pinocchio watch that had a tiny little Jiminy Cricket in the corner that moved back and forth as the seconds ticked by. I really miss that watch and wish I still had it! Continue reading →

The Glamorous Ocean Liner: Movies Set on Floating Palaces

I recently tweeted a link to an article about an event called  “Cinematic Passages: Ocean Liners on Screen” that was taking place at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York. Sponsored by the ocean liner company Cunard, the event’s goal was to bring the golden age of ocean travel to life by showcasing the glamor of ocean travel in movies from the last 50 years. When one of my followers subsequently asked me for some recommendations of ocean liner movies that I love, it gave me the idea for this post highlighting a few of my favorites.

The reason that event caught my eye is that I absolutely love watching movies set on ocean liners (called “floating palaces” by some), and an event like that would be right up my alley. Unfortunately, I live far away from New York and could not attend. :-( I can’t really pinpoint the reason for my fascination with ocean liners, but there is just something about them that intrigues me. Perhaps it has something to do with my nostalgia for the tv show “Love Boat” which I loved watching when I was younger, even though I know cruise ships are different than ocean liners. Or maybe it’s just that I wish I had lived back in that era and experienced the glamor and excitement of ocean liner travel for myself. Continue reading →

Saturday State Post: Classic Movie Actors from Nebraska

This week’s actors by state post features a state that much like Wisconsin, which started the idea for this series, is not a state that I would typically think of when I think of Hollywood actors. But when I looked up the names of actors and actresses from the state of Nebraska, I was very surprised and impressed by the number of stars that have come from the state. In fact it may be hard to top the collective caliber of acting that can be found in this group, which includes four actors from Omaha, Nebraska.

A few of the actors and actresses on this impressive list of movie stars from the state of Nebraska are:

Fred Astaire

Born: May 10, 1899 in Omaha, NE

Died: June 22, 1987 (age 88)

Married twice. His first marriage to his wife of over 20 years, Phyllis, ended with her death in 1954.

Known for the Movies: The Gay Divorcee, Top Hat, Swing Time, Holiday Inn, Easter Parade, Funny Face

My Favorite Fred Astaire movie:  Holiday Inn Continue reading →