7 Entertaining Movie Podcasts For Classic Movie Fans

Most days my iPod Nano and I are practically inseparable. I use it at work, in my car, at home when I’m cooking or cleaning, or when I head outside for a nice long walk.

I listen to my favorite music on it of course, but by far the thing I use it for the most is to listen to podcasts, including some great movie podcasts.

So, what is a podcast?

If you are not familiar with what a podcast is, it is a type of audio or video file, usually part of a series on a specific topic or subject area, that can be streamed online or downloaded and listened to on a mobile device or portable media player such as an iPod.

You can probably find a podcast on just about any subject imaginable, and I personally listen to podcasts on subjects ranging from health & nutrition, to sports, to business, to movies/entertainment.

I’m sure there are many different podcasts out there for movie lovers of all kinds, but today I am going to share some movie podcasts that have something to offer the classic movie fan.

Here are 7 of my favorite movie podcasts that I think you will enjoy:

1. TCM Presents Video Podcast

Turner Classic Movies host Scott McGee interviews various guests about some of their favorite movies from the upcoming TCM schedule. We also get to hear interesting stories of how his guests came to be fans of classic movies.

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Double Indemnity: My First Classic Movie on the Big Screen

As silly as it may sound now, when I first became a classic movie fan many years ago, I had a dream of one day owning a theater that showed nothing but old movies. Not understanding at the time what a difficult if not impossible undertaking that would be, I actually thought that dream would come true.

In the excitement of planning the kind of movies I’d show at my theater, I started to keep a list of all the movies that I watched and put them in either a “show in theater” or “don’t show in theater” column based on whether or not I liked them or thought they would draw a crowd. Although I know now that I’ll never be using it, I still keep that list today to remind myself of those early days when I thought anything was possible. :-) Continue reading →

Road House: The Ida Lupino Blogathon

This post is my entry into the Ida Lupino blogathon being hosted by Jen at her blog Miss Ida Lupino. Please be sure to visit her blog on August 3 to view a list of all those who participated.

When I decided to participate in the blogathon, I didn’t know very much about Ida Lupino other than that she is often associated with film noir. As a fan of film noir, I’d heard her name mentioned many times before often accompanied by high praise of her work, but for some reason I never made it a point to watch more of her movies. But knowing that Jen is such a big fan of Ida Lupino that she would devote a blog entirely to her (something I once thought about doing for my fave, Jimmy Stewart) I decided that Ida was someone worth getting to know.

To become more familiar with Ida Lupino’s work, I chose to watch the movie Road House (1948) for no particular reason other than that it was the only Ida Lupino movie they had in stock on the shelves at my local library. :-) I guess you could call it a case of serendipity, because it turned out to be a wonderful choice! Not only did I really enjoy the movie and Ida’s performance, but the special features included with the DVD were as interesting and as much fun to watch as the movie itself. Continue reading →