Mini Saturday State Post: Wisconsin Born Actress Nancy Olson

Sunset Blvd (1950)

When  I first watched the movie Sunset Boulevard (1950) many years ago, frankly, I didn’t care for it at all. I know that’s considered a sin by many classic movie fans, but you have to realize that was back in my early days of watching classic movies when I didn’t really enjoy film noir. The movie I guess you could say was just a little too dark and strange for me. But because my tastes have really evolved over the years, I decided to give it another try.

Nancy Olson and William Holden in Sunset Boulevard

Much to my surprise, I liked it a lot more than the previous time and understand now why it’s considered such a brilliant piece of filmmaking. Although it will never be near the top of my favorites list, I came to appreciate many of the aspects that make it such a respected classic.

I especially came away with a renewed  interest in actor William Holden but another person who came to my attention this time around was actress Nancy Olson. Nancy was definitely a bright ray of light in an otherwise dark movie, and I wanted to learn more about her.

I finally did after I watched her in the movie Union Station (1950) in which she once again starred with William Holden. I got the idea to look up which state she was born in with the intention of making that the next subject of my Saturday State Post series. I was excited when I found out that she was born in my home state of Wisconsin, but unfortunately I had covered that already. I decided just to do it in the form of a mini-state post anyway, which you’ll find below. Continue reading →