Jimmy Stewart: Was He Born to Dance and Sing?

When it comes to naming my favorite old movie star, no one else even comes close to Jimmy Stewart. I think he was a wonderful and diverse actor, a true gentleman in real life, and even though it’s not usually the first thing people think about him, at least not compared to actors like Clark Gable and Cary Grant, I find him to be extremely handsome and charming. I haven’t watched any of his westerns, but I have seen the majority of his most well-known or easy to find movies.

One of the movies that I had not yet seen until yesterday was the MGM musical Born to Dance (1936) starring Eleanor Powell. Jimmy Stewart’s profile on imdb.com mentioned that his undubbed singing voice was showcased in that movie, and I had been hoping to find a copy of it so I could hear him sing. While doing a search at my local library last week, I discovered that they had gotten a DVD collection of musicals called Classic Musicals From the Dream Factory, Volume 3 and was happy to find that it contained Born to Dance. Continue reading →