My Top 10 Favorite Classic Movie Actors


I’m spending this summer day inside due to the unseasonably cool and cloudy weather we’re having here, so I thought this would be a good time to follow up my top 10 favorite actresses list with the list of my favorite actors.

As promised, Jimmy Stewart is firmly planted in the top spot. :-) And as with my actresses list, after number one these are not necessarily in an exact order because I love them all so much, but it’s pretty close.

My top 10 favorite classic movie actors are:

  1. Jimmy Stewart
  2. Cary Grant
  3. James Cagney
  4. Gene Kelly
  5. Joseph Cotten
  6. William Powell
  7. Robert Taylor
  8. Claude Rains
  9. Tyrone Power
  10. Clark Gable

Honorable mention: Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy. I didn’t do an honorable mention for actresses, but I just had to for actors. Leaving Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy off my list almost felt like a crime, but I simply ran out of spots. :-)

Who is your favorite classic movie actor? Your top 10?


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  1. Rick says:

    A fine list, Ginny! Mine would include Ronald Colman, Errol Flynn, and Vincent Price.

    • Ginny says:

      Thanks for sharing your favorites, Rick! This is an example of why I love to see others’ lists. They are often so diverse, which I find really interesting.

    • Patti says:

      I got next month’s TCM “Now Showing” magazine in the mail yesterday. In case Rick doesn’t already know this, he will be excited to learn that Vincent Price is the October star of the month. Happy viewing, Rick!

  2. R.A. Kerr says:

    So glad to see Joseph Cotten & Claude Rains made the list. :) I would add Montgomery Cliff and John Wayne.

  3. Patti says:

    Thank you so much for popping by and for extending your condolences on the recent passing of my sweet beagle.

    What a great list of guys! I like every single one that you have on your list…some more than others, of course.

    Do you know in “It’s a Wonderful Life” where the little girl Mary says to the little girl Violet, “You love all the boys?” To which Violet responds, “What’s wrong with that?” Well, that is how I am! I LOVE so many. I’ve recently determined that I have 10 #1, dearly beloved, guys.

    My 10 most-loved are:

    1. Audie Murphy
    2. Robert Ryan
    3. William Holden
    4. James Cagney
    5. Fredric March
    6. John Garfield
    7. Montgomery Clift
    8. Gary Cooper
    9. Tyrone Power
    10. Robert Taylor

    While I love all these guys pretty much equally, and any of them can be the current love of my life, right now, Audie Murphy has that distinction. And Sidney Poitier and Clark Gable are hovering just below #10…meaning that, very soon, I may have 12 #1 guys!!

    Yes, I do love all the boys!!

  4. Ginny says:

    You’re welcome Patti. As a mom of 2 sweet cats, my heart really goes out to you as I know how much pets capture our hearts and become part of our family.

    I’m definitely in Violet’s camp on this one! :-) My list of actors was much more difficult to narrow down than actresses.

    My late father was a big fan of Audie Murphy, so it was nice to see him on your list. I don’t see his name come up too often. You have some great ones on your list, too. John Garfield and Fredric March were also contenders for my top 10. Thanks for sharing your list!

  5. Norine Marquette says:

    I have to say “amen” to many of Ginny, Patti, & Rick’s choice’s for the “top 10 male actors” – our list of personal favorites. On my list, I would put in first place, Robert Mitchum, although I do think Spencer Tracy was probably the best actor of all time, Robert Mitchum was a very “natural” actor – and I feel his talent was very much under-appreciated. Plus, I have to add – I love his looks (the “manly man” type – & he looks like my husband !)

    Thank you for letting me share and, I must add, I so much enjoy seeing other people’s opinions

  6. Ginny says:

    I’m glad you did share Norine! Thanks! I love seeing the diverse opinions of classic movie fans too. Robert Mitchum is someone who took a long time for me to warm up to, but I’ve come to like and respect him more over the years and I totally understand why so many love him.